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Over twenty years experience in developing compassionate and effective resolutions of family law matters through mediation, collaborative practice or if necessary, litigation



We are experienced in handling all aspects of complex Family Law matters including dissolution, division of real and personal property, child and spousal support, shared parenting plans, restraining orders, domestic violence issues and post-dissolution litigation. Our experience and resources allow us to provide informed, judicious and thoughtful recommendations and assistance for our clients. We recognize that the practice of family law involves the most pivotal and private aspects of a client’s life–financial status, division of property and planning for the care and support of children. In addition, we know that family law litigation imposes a high cost– emotionally and financially– upon clients.

We remain sensitive to these needs and strive to achieve optimal results while keeping the client informed about the process, prospects for resolution and cost. If appropriate, we recommend mediation and negotiated settlements as an effective alternative for resolving family law matters. We make the safety, protection and best interests of our clients’ children a priority. In many cases we focus on assisting our clients to explore shared parenting plans, mindful that children feel the greatest impact from a custody dispute. Frequently this process involves the assistance of psychologists, teachers, mediators and therapists.

Our experience and contacts with these resources within the community becomes invaluable when their intervention becomes necessary. If a child is in an unsafe setting, we strive to take immediate steps and fight aggressively to provide for their safety and comfort.

Our cases frequently address the following areas of law:


  • Dissolution of Marriage

  • Legal Separation

  • Community Property

  • Property Division

  • Child Custody & Visitation

  • Child and Spousal Support Orders & Modifications

  • Domestic Partner Rights

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

  • Guardianship

  • Paternity

  • Pre & Post Marital Agreements

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